Steve Bowbrick

Technology, media, cyberculture, music, robots, drones, politics. That kind of thing. Get in touch.

4 thoughts on “Steve Bowbrick

  1. By way of introduction, I am an historian of computing at the University of Minnesota. I am writing a history of how Americans used information since 1870 to be published by Oxford U Press. I would like your permission to publish in that book a photo I believe you own rights to of Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the WWW. You used it in a post several years ago about “cold calling” him.


  2. Perso je l’ai depuis 3 mois et je l’adoreBon d’accord moi j’en suis a un point ou j’ai les cil si longs que je les coupes mais si tu passais la brosse sans faire de zig zag tes cils ne feraient pas autant de paquets même si c’est un mascara épais !Essaie 😉

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