Roland Barthes – Power and “Cool”

Roland Barthes - Power and CoolListen!

Here’s something from the old days. I’ll admit that the last time I read anything from this book was before the web was invented but something about these luminous short pieces – each an analysis of an everyday thing or cultural phenomenon – made me think of blog posts: bold assertions, inventively made. I don’t know if people read Barthes any more but I like to think that if he were still alive he’d be writing about Eurovision (did he ever do that?) and Wikipedia and the iPad and photo sharing. Wouldn’t that be a thrill?

For this entry, I’ve read ‘Power and “Cool”‘ from ‘The Eiffel Tower’, the second book of ‘Mythologies’, the essays that made him famous in the late fifties.

You can buy the paperback on Amazon.

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  1. paul murphy wrote:

    What do you use to record these? It sounds pretty good. And the ‘small studio’ set up you’re using has great acoustics if a little close miked.

    Posted 23 May 2011 at 11:00

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