Some really interesting radio programmes

Here are a few Radio 4 programmes I thought you might find interesting: a three-part history of primary education (plus a fourth part, which is a debate chaired by Jane Garvey) and an episode of The Food Programme about the post-Jamie Oliver world of school dinners.

Click each episode to play or right-click (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to save the MP3 file to disk for later. If you can’t make the programmes play or if you’d like them on a disc, give me a call: 07768 257 570 or drop me an email:

The Food Programme: the School Dinners Revolution (programme information – and streamed version). A really inspiring programme about some amazing school dinners.

From Abacus to Circle Time. Click to play or right-click to download the MP3 for your iPod (series information). I found this series absolutely compelling, with lots of direct relevance to our own experience.

Episode one: the Victorian Classroom.
Episode two: progressive education.
Episode three: standards.
Episode four: debate.

This page is private but you should feel free to pass the URL on to others if you think they’d find it interesting.

Steve Bowbrick

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