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Bowblog is ten years old today

I adapted the name from Kevin Werbach’s Werblog, which seemed like a cool thing to do at the time. I’d been blogging for a few years before that (since the twentieth century) but only fragments survive. The archive suggests I used to update it a lot more too – back before Twitter. Anyway, I’ll tweet a few anniversary posts. Here’s the first one, from 21 May 2002, which includes a link to a column I used to have in The Guardian’s Online section (then under the legendary Vic Keegan’s editorship).

OK. I give up

wearing the dunce's cap
No one liked the idea of my tumblelog over at Bowblr.com (geddit?). Everyone said it was a stupid idea to abandon Bowblog after five-and-a-half-years, not least because I’d have been chucking away a huge amount of ‘Google equity’ in so doing (duh). So I’m back. I’ll keep blogging here and maybe I’ll just get myself a little redesign (wanna help? Write to me). I guess MT 4.0 might offer some relief too. Thanks for all the free advice (most along the lines of “you idiot. What are you doing?”).

Meet Bowblr

I love Tumblr. It’s simple, it’s… Well, actually, that’s it. It’s simple. Also, I take the developers’ word for it when they say they’re going to add a way to leave comments sooner or later. So, allow me to introduce Bowblr, Bowblog’s little brother. I guess I shouldn’t get too carried away. I may decide Tumblr’s too simple by far and just come right back to Movable Type. Let’s give it a try…

21st Century Communications

So it turns out there’s been something wrong with my email. For a couple of weeks about half of my inbound mail has been routed to a trench in the middle of the North Atlantic. Fish have been reading it. Something to do with my dns – and all my own fault apparently. Anyway, I think it’s OK now so you should write to me again if you were expecting a reply (like you were writing to me in the first place).

By the way, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that I just heard a trailer for a programme about climate change on Radio 4. The presenter signed off like so: “we’re at the very precipice of a runaway train”. Cool.

Links are back

So I spent about two months fiddling with my blogroll and tried a few ways of keeping it up-to-date and now, at last, it’s back. So, if you’re one of the people who’s been writing to me complaining, then you can shut up now. Of course, the thing I’d forgotten was that most of my own blog browsing is driven by the links in my blogroll, which explains why I’ve not been browsing lately.