Institutionally dead

About 6 minutes into this RealMedia stream of Sunday’s The World This Weekend is about the most devastating analysis of the condition of the post-Thatcher Tory Party I’ve yet heard and – remarkably enough – it comes from three prominent Tories (or fellow travelers): Dominic Cummings, Director of The New Frontiers Foundation (and one time adviser to Iain Duncan Smith); Peter Hitchens, columnist on The Mail on Sunday and Charles Moore, editor of The Daily Telegraph (retired). Hitchens says, of the Tories:

“They are institutionally dead. They ceased to reproduce about 30 years ago, They are pretty much like what marketing men call the ‘ghost brands’. Something like Capstan Full Strength or those single razor blades you can still buy at the backs of chemists’ shops that hardly anybody buys…”

(of course, the stream will be overwritten by next week’s pretty soon but I have an MP3 if you’ve missed it).