NTK: “exactly the same thing, 15 years late”

Fifteen years ago, when it was all fields round here, Danny O’Brien and Dave Green – who were well-known in underground gaming/comedy/tech/confectionery circles – began to publish an email newsletter for and about the British tech community. It was a joy from the beginning – authentic, funny, playful, insightful… Geek storytelling that is probably already consulted as a primary source for the arrival of this whole network/digital/computer thing… NTK is on the newsstands again, in a clever time-shifted format. Sign up here.

Emerging Man

Comedian and geek Samuel Johnson Danny O’Brien has put together a happening of such perfect, involuted cleverness that it takes the breath away. It’s basically a sleepover for people attending O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology conference (and you have to provide your own tent) but, if you get your skates on, you could find yourself singing campfire songs in Danny’s garden with some of the top geeks of their generation.

It’s meant to marry the social experimentation of Burning Man and the geek credibility of Emerging Tech – events of such sizzling contemporaneity that you’ll probably actually burst into flames (appropriately) if you attend. I’d love to go myself except for the scheduled arrival of EmergingBaby in our house on May 1. (Oh, and it’s a Wiki).