Katrina’s consequences

How do you govern a country (and prosecute a costly foreign war) when the complacency and incompetence of your administration has just caused thousands of your citizens to be drowned? God knows. The British media’s almost gleeful schadenfreude over Katrina’s aftermath makes me sick (they love it: incompetence, anarchy, overflowing toilets, race fear, natural disaster.… Continue reading Katrina’s consequences

Radio Apocalypse

Voyeuristic I suppose but gripping and scary too. Live radio from a Clear Channel country station in New Orleans. Lots of live telephone reports from the Superdome and other parts of the drowned City and many frightened and angry citizens phoning in looking for help and for lost loved ones. All the local Clear Channel… Continue reading Radio Apocalypse

Katrina journalism

I don’t know if there’s a name for this kind of journalism but it’s special: written quickly and by the old rules of American journalism. Simple, percussive, emotional and direct. And, of course, written right in the thick of ‘the big one‘ by someone who lived through it. We don’t do journalism like this in… Continue reading Katrina journalism