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Taking a tin opener to a BBC meeting

There’s a big quarterly departmental meeting at BBC Audio & Music Interactive (which is where I work). We call it the ‘departmental’ and it’s always a pretty big deal – the magnificent Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House is the venue and it goes on all morning, spilling out into surrounding conference rooms for smaller sessions.

Tomorrow’s is about innovation and we’ve taken a small step to opening it up to the world by encouraging participants to use Twitter to talk about the meeting, to ask questions of speakers and to provide their own ideas for discussion. We want people from outside the BBC to join in too as the morning unfolds.

You can see the discussion on the BBC Internet blog, which we’ve hijacked for the morning. Join us there if you can and, if you’ve got a useful insight about innovation or a question for participants, share it by tweeting with the hashtag #amint.

The fate of the innovator

Not a Segway, a Dareway

Remember Segway? Always doomed. Always ridiculous. A case study in entrepreneurial hubris. It somehow never occurred to anyone at Segway – not designers, not investors, not breathless celebrity boosters – that looking ridiculous might be a disincentive to buy (look at Jeff ‘Mr Bean’ Bezos here. Imagine trying to have a conversation with someone hovering serenely a foot above you on a miraculous gyroscopic scooter.

Segway is a tribute to the unassailable (and quite cute) lack of self-awareness of the nerdy inventor type – autistic transport for autistic commuters. It’s somehow appropriate that the concept lives on in a toy. The Dareway is a plastic approximation to a Segway (without, presumably, the wizzy space-age gyro-stabiliser). It costs £130 and looks right in place alongside the other toughened plastic garden toys (although, according to this great Amazon review the thing could actually be life-threatening!).