Am I the only man in Britain who likes the London 2012 logo?

The London 2012 Olympics

Since I left the office this evening and turned the radio on I’ve been so immersed in the (entirely predictable) torrent of nastiness, ignorance and cynicism coming from… well.. practically everywhere as far as I can tell… that I really wanted to take this quick opportunity (before I put the kids to bed – why won’t they go to bed when I tell them anyway? When did ignoring Dad become the national sport? Jesus).

Anyway. Yes. I just wanted to take this quick opportunity to say that the new London 2012 logo is absolutely bloody brilliant. It’s funny and enthusiastic and modern and it resists the very difficult-to-resist temptation to irony or archness or superiority

All of this is especially impressive when you think that everybody in the studio must have known that nothing but a truck-load of shit awaited whatever they came up with (irony is a good insulator against the kind of corrosive cynicism that awaits any kind of large scale creative endeavour these days. If you’re ironic you can always say “hey, you guys! Can’t you see? We were being ironic!”)

Anyway, no irony here. Just enthusiasm, energy and authenicity. Like I said, I like it (unlike various witless bloggers (according to equally dismissive Metro), The Daily Mail (obviously) and just about everyone on The Guardian’s message board (among others).

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