Podcasting—the platform battle

aIf podcasting is going to become a real business it’s going to have to leave the commercial dark ages behind, evolve some more sophisticated audio platforms and —let’s face it— pick a winner. This is the second of two posts about the evolution of podcasting. Part one is about the explosion of new formats. How… Continue reading Podcasting—the platform battle

Podcasting—welcome to the symphonic era

This is not about the 90% of podcasts that are still three people at a table talking about something. Nor is it about all those podcasts that are basically a byproduct of radio production. It’s about the new stuff—the bigger, glossier, narrative formats that are going to change audio and storytelling for good. This is… Continue reading Podcasting—welcome to the symphonic era

11 essentials for the modern podcast

This is one of a short series of posts about the evolution of podcasting. The first one’s about the new wave of ambitious, highly-produced storytelling formats – I’m calling it ‘the symphonic era‘ and the second is about the epic platform battle that has just begun. So I thought I’d collect some of the basic… Continue reading 11 essentials for the modern podcast

Podcasting saves radio?

If podcasting is going to yield a real business model for the media owners and broadcasters it probably won’t involve stations centrally creating podcasts and giving them away or selling them. It’ll more likely involve building (or badging) a big rights-cleared library of music and other content and then making it available with some funky… Continue reading Podcasting saves radio?

Love these guys

Really: two bright geeks (well, one bright geek and one with a nice personality) reading out stories from Digg while drinking beer – I’ve been addicted for a couple of months now. It shouldn’t work but it’s quite brilliant. You’ll have to subscribe to the video podcast to see them in action (which, I guess,… Continue reading Love these guys

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Sort of weekendy blog stuff

Thinking about it, poetry might be the best application of podcasting yet. I suppose that poetry is about as close to music as language gets and listening to poetry in my ‘don’t-even-think-about-talking-to-me’ public transport bubble on the daily commute is qualitatively much like listening to The Flaming Lips or Schubert or Mrs Mills (although I… Continue reading Sort of weekendy blog stuff

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Podcasting on the Today Programme

Stephen Evans gets the phenomenon about right – and introduces me to at least one podcasting application I hadn’t come across yet: unofficial gallery audio guides. Curry is honoured. Mid-West weirdos too. Worth a listen.

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Yodeling for pleasure

Lots of infectious laughter in Sandy Toksvig’s programme about yodeling on Radio 4 last weekend. The thesis: yodeling cheers you up. I can’t help but agree. My iTunes library contains 28 songs with the word ‘yodel’ in the track name (‘Yodeling Hobo’, ‘Swiss Yodel’, ‘Yodeling Cowboy’, ‘The Whipporwill Yodel’ and so on… Please don’t judge… Continue reading Yodeling for pleasure

Trying to keep up…

I’ll tell you something, either I’m getting old or podcasting (a concept so new that Google is still trying to correct me when I search for it) is going mainstream waaaaay too fast. Last week I spent a boozy evening (boozy enough to fall asleep on the train home again – Hello Harpenden!) in a… Continue reading Trying to keep up…