I made a pamphlet

Front cover of a poetry pamphlet called 'Royal' by Steve Bowbrick, published in June 2023

Or is it a chapbook? Anyway, it’s a tabloid-sized, 12-page, newsprint (thank you Newspaper Club) sequence of poems (19 in all). The poems are in the mostly-forgotten Rhyme Royal form which is a kind of turbo-sonnet, thought to have been brought to English by Chaucer – everything’s packed into seven lines. Boom. And, although the poems in Royal are not thematically linked, they are chained together by a last line-first line rhyme. I’ve been obsessed with Rhyme Royal since I met one in a Zoom poetry class a couple of years ago – but I can’t remember who wrote it. Lots of famous poets have had a go, usually in a sequence (Auden and Yeats, for instance). I’m hoping I’ve now got them out of my system. Anyway, there will soon be a pile of these in my house (I’ve even got an ISBN for it). I don’t really know what to do with them.