Britain’s biggest flow chart magazine?

Mizz Flow Chart Magazine
What’s a flow chart? “A method for showing how information flows around a system using stylised boxes and arrows which show the direction of flow?”. “A pictorial summary that shows with symbols and words the steps, sequence, and relationship of the various operations involved in the performance of a function or a process?” No. You fool. It’s a teen craze!

(click the little picture for the whole cover of Mizz Flowchart Magazine)

Sarcastic link title of the month award

Via demented (in a nice way) Snackpot and branding newsletter LucJam I learn from Food Navigator that targeting kids is getting more difficult. The article is interesting (lifestage vs. demographic segmentation and so on) but LucJam’s link is much more entertaining than anything in the target article: ‘Generation Y not sure what they want to eat’.