an obvious money-spinner Introducing the

an obvious money-spinner

Introducing the Cage-o-Gram

Today’s silly idea is to sell thousands of copies of this astounding recording of John Cage’s diaries and thus bring the planet back into balance. I reviewed this one elsewhere, so I won’t go on about it here. I’ve made it my mission to bump the album up the Amazon charts, like Andrew Sullivan does with those big, fat books. Obstacles to the achievement of my goal are many ??not least: the album seems to be unavailable in the UK right now and is a preposterously expensive 8-CD set (although this will, of course, maximise my sales commission if you do buy a copy). There’s also the potential to mix up this John Cage with the stammering lawyer in Ally McBeal. So I’m adding a new feature to my weblog called the ‘Cage-o-Gram’, which you’ll find over there, on the right, above all the other links (there must be a better way of editing that bit of the page than twiddling my template?). Every now and then, I’ll pull a gem from the diaries and quote it there. You will inevitably (although perhaps not straight away) click one of the Amazon links (choose a country near you) and buy it. It will probably change your life.
What do you think?