ecommerce is rubbish

New data: 51.3% of ecommerce purchases are unnecessary, 16.9% rubbish, 13.9% embarrassing, 11.4% stupid, only 6.5% life enchancing. Poor Ellen Feiss was a celebrity for less than the regulation fifteen minutes. I got the mug anyway. Napster went bust ages ago. I got the t-shirt anyway (site seems to be finally down). Looking now for more faded or bust Internet phenomena to memorialise in trashy merch.

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  1. prove steve wrong by buying this bargain Lo Fidelity Allstars CD of eBay from me. Will this box take HTML?

    (paul previews – the answer’s no but the URL link will take you there)
    keep paul and yol from the poorhouse

    I thank you

    P x

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