1. probably not, as the providers and handset manufacturers all want to lock you into their portals: vodafone live, club nokia etc…

    someone’ll figure it out…

  2. yes, it’s possible to blog with your MMS camphone. Joi Ito in Japan has been doing so successfully http://joi.ito.com/moblog/ though I don’t know whether he is willing yet to share how it’s done. Maybe you can ask him. And if you are using Moveable Type, you can indeed use the Hiptop to post to your site.

  3. Of course we’ll share. 🙂

    We are actually cleaning up the code so we can open it up for people to use. It’s pretty simple. Just an email to a specific address. Subject becomes the title, attachment and text the entry body. We are trying to put some security into it now. It’s written in Python and works with MT.

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