1. 25% to spend on independent sector? spend all that money on sub online fucking caroline shite?

    anyone who is doing interesting stuff is an amateur… not the sort of hucksters who would go after that cash.

    far more interesting to have a 25% or higher opensource requirement.

  2. or he should read Ronald Coase on firms and transaction prices.

    nice quote mr seecret identity… iu wonder who that is? i ain’t looking at havana.

  3. I think Gibson’s piece goes to heart of what has gone wrong with the Guardian’s New Media section in philosophical terms. Because he would simply baffle ‘media’ readers with talk of Azeem’s open-source idea (better understood in the Online section on Thursdays), Gibson is forced not to mention it, and talk instead in old media terms about outsourcing to the indie sector as if the BBC were Channel 4.

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