Reassembly in Wapping

Half term is over but Olly (my four year-old) and I saw out our last day of freedom in style. We went to the handsome Wapping Project in… er… Wapping and watched sculptor Richard Wilson and his friends reassembling a light aeroplane they had previously squashed to a crumpled heap.

Using tensioned straps and the iron frame of the gallery’s retired power station building they’re pulling the plane’s frame back into a recognisable shape over a period of several weeks. In a couple of weeks he’ll screen a time-lapse film of the process and the reason the whole thing is called ‘butterfly’ will become clear.

Olly had the time of his life running round, talking to technicians and generally making a nuisance of himself. We spoke to the artist and I took a couple of rolls of pictures that I’ll put up as soon as I’ve had them scanned. If you have time in the next couple of weeks I’d recommend a visit.

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