Sleight’s hands

Lunch today at Blacks with Ross Sleight. Ross has been doing important things in the digital departments of various ad agencies since 1994 – apart from the obligatory (and exhausting) detour through the valley of death with fascinating but doomed, of course. These days he works at Chime‘s Heresy, where he is trying to work out what a ‘customer relationship’ really is. Click the picture for an MPEG movie of Ross waving his hands (1.8MB)

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  1. I knew Juliet getting you the video camera for your birthday was a mistake. You’re meant to film the kids with it, not tufty haired dot comers at your luncheon club!

  2. Steady on Steve, if you’re not careful Blacks will ban cameras as well as phones. Oh yes, they’re often the same thing these days aren’t they, I was forgetting.

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