Fax help!

Somebody sent a fax to my J2 account (why?) and it has a .efx file extension and I can’t open it on my Mac (OS X.2). Does anyone know if there’s a way of converting it to TIFF? (and, yes, I have changed my J2 settings to TIFF for future faxes).

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  1. I have a fax document that I tried to fax to a company, but it won’t go through. I have rang the company about them not receiving the fax but they say that they have received faxes from other people but haven’t received any from me, and there was no problem with the documents coming in from other people faxing into the company. They have not used the fax phone, as that would not maybe allow faxes to come through. Can someone help me send my fax? Can someone tell me the problem to why my fax is not going out? Can someone help solve my problem?

    Thank you

  2. my fax rings–but no fax comes through.
    can someone tell me why? i have sent faxes and they have gone through.

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