SARS links, scary and otherwise

Azeem provides the scariest SARS link so far. The cold statistics show the ineluctable progress of a disease vector. Global SARS cases are doubling every 14 days:

“There will be 100,000 cases on about June 20, 2003. A million cases will be reached on about August 6, 2003, and ten million on about September 21, 2003.”

The graph plots current daily WHO data and can’t take account of longer term changes to the trend that accompany any epidemic so it’s very unlikely, even in the worst case, that the actual numbers will approach these but the lesson is pretty clear: many more will get ill before the outbreak is contained.

New Scientist is building a very useful SARS page with about a dozen SARS stories and links, including a useful FAQ (you may need a subscription or a free trial to see these stories but it’s probably worth it).


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