The Anglosphere defined

This is what I pay my licence fee for. Dennis Sewell with Jonathan Freedland from The Guardian, Anne McElvoy from The Evening Standard, Stephen Pollard from and Michael Gove from The Times on the BBC’s Talking Politics (RealAudio). The first time I’ve heard blogging mentioned on a BBC political programme and a fascinating discussion of UK anti-Americanism, US neo-con thinking and, particularly, the shiny new concept of ‘the Anglosphere’ that seems to be animating the policy bloggers lately.

(I think you have until next Saturday 26 April to listen to the programme before the archive is overwritten – how stupid is that?)

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  1. I’m glad you heard this. I was flicking through the Radio 4 programmes on their streaming site and happened upon it, and it was indeed a treat. The discussion of blogging got rather stuck in some slightly meaningless chat about the anglosphere, but it was quality nonetheless.

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