25% of Anglican vicars are metrosexual

It’s not a new term but ‘metrosexual’ is ready for primetime and is now a fully-fledged market segment. The New York Times profiled an actual specimen a couple of weeks ago:

“Mr. Martinson likes wine bars and enjoys shopping with his gal pals, who have come to trust his eye for color, his knack for seeing when a bag clashes with an outfit, and his understanding of why some women have 47 pairs of black shoes. (“Because they can!” he said.) He said his guy friends have long thought his consumer and grooming habits a little… different. But Mr. Martinson, who lives in Manhattan and works in finance, said he’s not that different” (New York Times)

These articles from The Economist and The New York Times are pretty good but you might need a subscription to see one or both. Try Rob Walker’s freebie from Slate @ MSNBC:

“marketers have repositioned the term to denote guys who are secure in their need for, say, skin moisturizer or body spray-straight urban men willing, even eager, to embrace their feminine sides”