Help my family see Mars

Mars is whizzing by, the skies are clear ? and I can’t get my telescope to work! If you have a manual for a Tasco Starguide 80 telescope (or the Nexstar 80, which I understand to be the same beast with a different brand), please send me a PDF, a photocopy or read it out over the phone or something! Tasco’s gone bust, the shop we bought it from can’t help and we’re desperate to get a good look at Mars.

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  1. I would be happy to photocopy the manual for you and send you the copy. Respond if you haven’t received a copy yet.

  2. Hi there, i am also in need o the manual for the tasc Starguide 80. Did you manage to get hold of it? Can you send via e-mail?


  3. Hello, I am in the same situation, where I need to get a manual for a Starguide 80. I am going to the Virgin Islands on the 23rd of Sptember and would like to have it to take with me. Thanks in advance for your help.

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