A day at the races

Drag racing is unbelievably noisy, toxic (“Remember, ladies and gentlemen, cover your children’s eyes as we spray the track…”), decidedly unsophisticated and about the least green pursuit I’ve ever witnessed (methanol? nitro-methane?). It’s also friendly, democratic, accessible, cheap and… unbelievably noisy (wrote a bit more about this last time we went). Last weekend was the climax of the European season at Santa Pod.

I took Olly and we sat in the dust eating our sandwiches with the fanatics. The strangest mix of people you’ve ever seen fills the spectator areas ? old school bikers, lots of skaters (why?), plenty of suburban males with their jeans nicely ironed, motor sport junkies with binoculars and notebooks, sun tanned drag fanatics who follow the European tour… My addiction worsens. (click the small pics for bigger ones ? more pics here)

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