How strange are the Electric Light Orchestra?

Juliet asked me to download some of their stuff so that she could be fifteen again for a while so I did and now I’m speechless at how we let this utterly kooky blend of The Beach Boys and Wagner work its weird way up the charts so often when I was a kid ??I suppose thirty years is enough to make even the stuff we took for granted back then seem utterly strange.

ELO must be ripe for some kind of revival ??they’ve been cropping up on the soundtracks of films set in the Seventies for a while (The In-laws and Boogie Nights, for instance) and their preposterous, spangly, melodic, falsetto, melancholy, orchestral boogie is bound to strike a chord with the kids buying The Darkness.

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  1. It’s not “the kids” who are buying The Darkness. It’s their dads. NWOBHM all over again.

  2. The Avalanches (in many ways the next inheritors of ELO’s willful eclecticism after Del La Soul) sample the ELO quite a bit… in fact, in one mix i have, they lay a nice bit of ‘living thing’ over the top of a earth, wind and fire sample used by de la soul in ‘rollerskating jam called saturday’… and OHMYGOD I’M A TRAINSPOTTER.

  3. A relaxing atmosphere will be coupled with an equally relaxing lineup of performers at this year’s Trails West! festival.
    Eighties’ soft rocker Christopher Cross, a group featuring former members of Electric Light Orchestra and rising country band Emerson Drive will each headline Trails West! separately during the festival’s three nights. Trails West! will be held in Civic Center Park from Aug. 15 through 17.

    Performing Arts Co-chair John Josendale said the festival is trying to appeal to as wide a group as possible with this year’s Main Stage lineup, which also will include a talent show of country singers from across Missouri.

    “You want to try to give a mix that really shows the different forms of art,” he said.

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