Should I buy a Tivo?

Never shy of jumping on a bandwagon nearly a year after it closes its UK operation, I’ve been bidding on Tivo PVRs (‘Personal Video Recorders’) at eBay. Do you think I should buy one? I don’t have Sky so can’t buy a Sky+ box (although maybe it would be a smart move for Sky to make the box work with digital cable – then they’d be able to score sales even to Sky refusers). Are there any comparable devices I should be looking at?

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  1. Dude,

    Bang a couple of 75 gig drives into your TiVo. still works a dream and you can record dozens of hours

    Alternatiively get the elgato EyeTV USB for the mac. You can whack it into your Cube and use the Cube as a Tivo.

  2. i came across this great piece of technology.
    it seems to me like the ulitmate in storage. half the size of my laptop – although they come in larger and smaller sizes – about 1/4 of the weight. and the display is so much more easier on the eye.
    what’s more, there’s no keyboard, no stylus, in fact no data entry.
    there are shops on every high street that sell them too. and they’ve been around for hundreds of years and cost the fraction of an ipod.
    yep, it’s a book.
    get a tivo, anyway.

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