Paul drew me, which is a good thing

Enigmatic Paul Murphy has drawn my portrait from a photograph he found on the Internet. I think there’s a reasonable chance that this isn’t a drawing at all but just the application of the Photoshop ‘drawing’ filter to a photograph but I’m not asking – they don’t call him ‘Enigmatic Paul’ for nothing. Paul is plugging a show he’s curated at a gallery in Hackney (which is London’s Brooklyn) called Transition. To complete the picture, Paul has included some of my photos in the show and wants me to give his blog my vote in the Guardian’s weblog competition. To be honest, he’s going to have to take this payola thing a bit more seriously if he expects results – like maybe put some of my photos on the web site if he wants to secure my patronage any time soon (duh).

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  1. You cheeky fucker! I drew that picture of you by hand, Potatoshop’s so called drawing filter being a piece of shit. Any more thought’s on my winning Guardian blog entry?

  2. Hackney is London’s Brooklyn? Is this official? Does this make Lower Clapton where I live the new Queens? Cool. Can I claim J-Lo from the block status?

    I’ll be quiet now.

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