A bloated Lear

Without the distractions of Hutton and the BBC’s self-immolation we’d probably all have been paying more attention to the Shakespearian Conrad Black saga. Black is an appalling figure. Decades of cringing deference and unaccountable power have turned him into a bloated Lear, raging against the ingratitude of his shareholders and erstwhile friends – many of whom he is now suing (pursuing the metaphor a bit too far, maybe, he even has his own, twisted Cordelia in scary wife Barbara Amiel). It’s too much to hope that Black’s wheel of fire will change him as it did Lear, ‘adjusting his attitude’ as they say. A wiser and gentler Lord Black of Crossharbour would certainly be an interesting outcome.

Incidentally, what do the people of the Isle of Dogs think about Black’s adoption of Crossharbour as location for his made-up estate? Do they think it makes him seem pompous and arrogant or do they just laugh at the absurdity of locating your estate amongst run-down council estates and unusable business premises.

Stephanie Kirchgaessner’s long piece in Tuesday’s FT was excellent (but you’ll need to be a subscriber to see it) and The Guardian has a pretty good overview page and a handy timeline.

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