Defy orthodoxy. Buy something from my new sponsor

You’ll have noticed (if you can see my right-hand nav at all, which some of you apparently can’t) that my weblog is now sponsored by an Apple dealer and an online liquor store. This seems quite appropriate, given my interests. The new addition, Arthur’s Bar, is not your standard bottle shop either – principally, if you ask me, because of one extraordinary product – a blended whisky that costs nearly 150 quid per bottle. Classic Cask is the only 35 year-old blended whisky in the world and Arthur’s Bar is the only place you can buy it (they blend it themselves, you see).

Any half-qualified alcoholic will tell you that nobody bothers to keep blended whiskies for more than about twelve years – the bottle of Classic Cask in my drinks cupboard was distilled in 1964 – the year of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Harold Wilson’s first Government. The extraordinary complexity and smoothness (that’s the limit of my fancy booze reviewer language right there) of this whisky should be enough to persuade you to remortgage your house for a bottle of something so strange and so lovely. You’ll have to take my word for it, though – they don’t do free samples.


  1. My cats have started eating a brand of cat food also called ‘Arthur’s’. It smells like pate and seems to be less processed than premium brands so you do encounter a bit of lung or gut when you’re serving it (they can’t open the tine themselves as they don’t have opposable thumbs).

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