Evan Parker on Radio 3

My friend Steve Shepherd used to produce Radio 3‘s Jazz flagship Jazz on 3, then he moved to Wales with his family – nobody knows why but we assume he’s on the run from the triads or trad jazz buffs (triad jazz buffs?) or something. Anyway, he’s just made a kind of come-back with a really interesting three-part series about improviser Evan Parker for the station’s Jazz File slot. Steve’s interviews with the saxophonist are gripping. If you get a move on you can catch the second programme online but the third in the series will replace it Saturday (and whoever pressed the record button did so a bit late this week so you’ll miss the first couple of minutes!).

Update: you should tune into episode three even if only to hear Vic Reeves shouting ‘pack it in Parker’ as the saxophonist improvises on a track they recorded together for a forgotten Reeves album (also, it looks like someone at the BBC doesn’t like you linking direct to Real Media files (why?) so you might need to listen to the programme via the Jazz File page).

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