Big journalism

Vintage Vanity Fair this month (May). Great pity you can’t get this stuff online (can you?) – you’ll have to buy a copy. Dominick Dunne forgives Martha Stewart (he’s a friend of hers and attended the whole trial); Bryan Burrough, Evgenia Peretz, David Rose and David Wise closely examine the gruesome Bush administration’s rush to war in Iraq (the kind of really big feature only a heavyweight like VF can afford – four top journalists for seven months plus Beltway expenses and some amazing photographs of the grim-faced war cabinet taken shortly after 9/11. What’s that? $200,000? $300,000?); Michael Wolff scores an unlikely interview with Disney’s Michael Eisner (having previously compared him to both Michael Jackson and General Franco) and Christopher Hitchens skewers Ralph Nader’s obsession with sabotaging Democratic Presidential hopes (looks like he’s getting ready to do it again this time round).

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