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One of the Mirror's hoax Iraqi abuse pictures
The thing about those Mirror photos, I think, is not that they always looked like fakes (which they did) but that they really looked more like pages from a training manual: fig. 12a: (humiliation) correct technique for urinating on detainees, fig. 22b: (coercion) use of rifle in producing confession, fig. 31f: (disorientation) use of hemp/hessian sack in interrogation…


  1. I thought the giveaway was that the ‘victim’ is wearing an Iraqi T-shirt. You know, like labelling the victim in case we don’t get it. I think that bit has to come from the brain of a squaddie (hey, let’s dress up as Iraqi’s and pretend to torture ourselves. Oh, what do Iraqi’s wear? Oh, I know …)

  2. The american pictures, and what really happend to these poor people are far less pleasant.

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