Right you lot

This is what my weblog ought to look like - click for a bigger picture
According to my web site stats, at least 60% of you are viewing this site in one or other version of IE on a PC (85% if you add all those ‘unknowns’). Take a look at the picture above (click for a bigger one). If Bowblog doesn’t look like the screenshot (i.e. three columns, nicely centred on the page), please let me know and (here’s your big test) if you know why it doesn’t look right, please tell me. I can’t figure it out but assume it’s something to do with my stylesheet… There will be a lavish reward.


  1. In IE6 on Windows 2000 your right-hand column is displaced below the body of your site (so it appears directly below the left-hand column).

    I had similar problems when my site was on a three column layout that I could only resolve by very carefully controlling the width of the right-hand column elements. In the end it became tedious to manage that, so I switched to a two-column layout that (from reports I’ve heard) people on various Oses and browsers can read.

    There may well be a more clever route around the problem by modifying your CSS, but that’s way beyond me.

  2. Same problem in IE6, WinXP – the column that should be on the right is down at the bottom of the page.

  3. I see the same problem – your right-hand sidebar is on the left – down the bottom. Me thinks you’ve got a missing somewhere in your HTML …. (just a guess based on my own experience)

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