MP3 thoughts

The esteemed Phil Gyford just digitised a decade-and-a-half of radio recordings from audio cassette. That sounds like a public service to me – if he now feels able to feed that lot into a respectable P2P network I think he’ll have markedly enriched the public domain and will surely one day get an MBE (Phil’s advancement can’t be far off now). Anyway, Phil’s effort reminded me that I’ve always thought it would be a pretty neat business idea to buy a little van, paint it with a groovy logo and run around collecting people’s vinyl record collections, digitising and returning them on nice firewire hard drives. The neat thing about this is that (copyright permitting – not a trivial matter), you’d be able to build a big ‘stock’ of digitised tunes as you encoded people’s collections. Ultimately, you’d hardly need to actually encode anything – you’d just pull the track from stock. Anyone got a van?

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