Dyson’s networking needs

Esther Dyson must be the most demanding networker on the planet. It turns out she favours LinkedIn for her day-to-day people wrangling. She has some pretty specific requirements for her networking software. You probably wouldn’t go too far wrong copying and pasting them into your own requirements statement if you’re building yourself a networking app right now.

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  1. I always thought she was a bit too smart for her own good – and it shows. I once met her for breakfast and she berated me for waiting for her in the restaurant rather than calling up for her – and I’d been on time and all. She never contacted me again, obviously I didn’t have much networking cachet. She was crap at ICANN at the time it needed real help. (Oh god, now I’ll get slated for all of the above wild assertions, but hey, I’m an artist).

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