Is it possible (advisable, acceptable?) to blog Beslan? Blogging is such an utterly trivial thing to do with your time that even mentioning the apocalypse that overtook that town in North Ossetia must be wrong. Is it? I don’t know. It certainly feels crass to me… Would silence be worse, though? Of course, even worrying about all this is sickeningly self-obsessed. I should just register my grief and solidarity with the parents of Beslan and shut up (and maybe offer a link to the British Red Cross appeal for Beslan while I’m at it).


  1. Blogging Beslan

    I tried blogging the horror at Beslan, tried to find some reason or lesson or policy, but could not. Steve Bowbrick is eloquent in describing why: Is it possible (advisable, tolerable?) to blog Beslan? Is blogging so utterly and so

  2. Something about Beslan in this world of ours: it’s gone now. It’s over. Putin will use it to ratchet up his control, but we have moved on. Does the world exist outside the media?

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