No. The BBC does not have a Nectar Card

No. I do not have a Nectar card
Fi Glover opened Sunday’s Broadcasting House on Radio 4 by saying, enigmatically, “No. We do not have a Nectar Card”. She offered no explanation and didn’t return to the topic so I took this as a piece of clever and sympathetic covert marketing for my anti-loyalty ‘No. I do not have a Nectar Card’ t-shirts which are quietly becoming a cult item for the Xmas period. Thanks Fi!

People are buying them not only to help UNHCR (all the profit – $6 – from every sale goes to UNHCR) but also to make a strident and yet subtle pro-privacy statement while doing their Xmas shopping in the growing cabal of participating Nectar stores. Also, the collapse of the dollar is making these babies cheaper by the day (since they’re priced in $US), so I’d rush and get yours now if I were you, before they do anything silly like revaluing the currency.


  1. They’re already playing the “terror card”

    We’ll thank Steve Bowbrick for bringing this worthy endeavour to our attention, but after hearing of Labour’s forthcoming direct mail scam plans today, what’s the…

  2. You are completely missing the point – and this “No I do not have a Nectar Card” campaign is patronising and a waste of time for all concerned!
    The Nectar card and it’s use, is a matter of choice – people DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT, whereas, proposed ID Cards, would not be subject to individual choice. The two cards are completely different. Think about the word – CHOICE! CHOICE! CHOICE!
    Also, the information held by Nectar, is beneficial to both the supplier and the consumer.
    I don’t see, why you have to waste everyones time with this – why don’t you let us intelligent people make up our own minds – without this T-Shirt scam – trying to influence people. I’ve sent a donation to the charity – but do not want a t-shirt. Nectar is a legitimate business, with valid goals and is can actually save people money! As far as I’m concerned, this is a good thing. And guess what….it’s my CHOICE as to whether use it or not.

  3. I agree SP. I dont want a ID card – but dont mind Nectar – I can get free DVD’s! SO what, if they keep a record of which processed pea’s I buy) – actually, they dont store this level of information anyway!

  4. You’re both right. Nectar cards are obviously brilliant. I use mine all the time – saves me a fortune. Here’s the deal: you get a sense of humour and I’ll give $6 to UNHCR for every sale – and thanks for making the donation!

  5. META BLOG COMMENT ALERT: Steve, you probably know this, but if you go away from the front page to an archive item, there is no link back to home. i.e. your banner is not clickable, there is no one click way to get back to the home. It just bugs me sometimes. META COMMENT OVER

  6. Oooooh they are SO angry with you Steve. I thought that was my domain. SP is cross, cross, cross with you.

    “A waste of time for all concerned” who are “all concerned”?

    That would be a great new campaign for Nectar I hope they use it.

    I’m glad to see that your viewing audience is made up of “us intelligent people” and that you’re involved in another “scam”

    Personally I’m delighted to carry an ID card, and to pay 85 quid for the privilege.

  7. The dubious use of the apostrophe in SP and Akbar’s entries points at them being one and the same. Or certainly drinking from the same bowl.

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