Back in ten minutes…

I’m having fun guestblogging over there at the moment. Azeem tells me that Hon. Fiend is doing very well, even while its editor suns himself in Brazil. Blanket Blunkett is bringing in the punters at the moment, naturally.


  1. We are liking Blanket Blunkett coverage alot these days – more so because of Lewinsky lookalike Kimberley Quinn’s (nee Fortier) claims. My father’s 4th (!) wife used to work for Kimmy at The Spectator and successfully won an unfair dismissal claim against her a couple of years ago. Looks like she hasn’t changed her tactics that much.

  2. If you’d like to see what at least one American thinks of Kim Solomon Fortier Quinn and her escapades, see my blog entries “Tales out of school,” and “Tales out of school, redux.”

    As far as her “early career” is concerned, within a year of our finishing college, she telephoned me to find out whether I knew anyone at “Gift & Dreck” (Decorative Accessories), a trade magazine she allegedly edited per the U.K. news. At the time she was interviewing for an assistant’s position. The former assistant had come to work at the same publication where I toiled, in 1983 or so. I connected Kim with said assistant; Kim got the job, and she never so much as thanked me.

    In college she was rather standoffish, albeit polite, in as much as I recall. Or I may have not had the right chromosome combination to be an audience for her charms.

    At reunion in the 1990s, she boasted about her Spectator gig, to the point an entire tent could hear her.

    A college friend first e-mailed me a URL from the U.K. about Kim, and she and I have greatly enjoyed the whole scandal from our side of the pond.

    Perhaps it’s true that what comes around, goes around.

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