New year’s resolution: unload that big pile of review copies

Here’s a list of geeky books I’ve currently got for sale over at Go on. Buy some. They’re all brand new and every single one is cheaper than you’ll get it anywhere else – sometimes four or five pounds less than I’ve highlighted the ones I think are really good in bold (that doesn’t mean I understand them).

You can also get an up-to-date list of things I’m selling here any time (I think).


  1. I’ve got your copy of Baudrillard’s Simulations (the Semiotexte one) at home. Do you want to buy it back off me on Amazon?

  2. That’s a reasonable question, Paul. Go ahead. Meanwhile, since you can sell all sorts of things through amazon these days, I’ll be putting that lawn mower you lent me up a bit later on.

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