Xmas toys: good and bad. number 3 – The Incredimobile RC car

The Incredibles Incredimobile RC car
This one looked unpromising. I don’t need to tell you that 90% of movie tie-in toys are depressing play-once-and-discard rubbish and I found it difficult to believe that a plastic RC car could buck the trend (much as I loved The Incredibles) but, dear reader, I was wrong. It’s chunky (doors close nicely, roof snaps on and off properly), it’s well put together, quite fast and fun to play with – it comes with a nice bendy Mr Incredible toy and has good sounds too (although everything has good sounds these days doesn’t it?). Oliver has played with it… ooh… ten times? Fifteen times? That makes it a big hit in our house.

And while you’re thinking about it, tell me why this one is different. Can there really be two models? One for the US and one for Europe?

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  1. I desperately wanted one of these to play with myself but the wife put her foot down and I couldn’t bring myself to smuggle it into work and play with it during lunch times.

    This along with the exceptional playmobile plane you featured a while back are the next generation of toys I think, quality with a sense of humour and good attention to detail – hell toys you and I would play with if our wives let us…

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