Being in Switzerland

Books at the Thinking Ethics seminar, geneva, 18 February 2005
My hyper-connected friend Azeem introduced me to Beth Krasna, an equally hyper-connected and hyperactive Swiss polyglot technocrat. Beth invited me to participate in a fascinating and more-than-slightly intimidating seminar on ethics in Geneva. So here I am, wrestling with a pointlessly expensive (and unusably faint) Swisscom Wi-Fi signal in my hotel room (actually, sitting on the floor in the corridor just outside my hotel room which is the only place I can get a usable signal), uploading some photos from the first afternoon.

The seminar is divided into themed strands and mine is called ‘Ethics and Disobedience’. The brains in my session are contributed by an Imam, a Philosopher, the Dean of Geneva Cathedral and the Quakers’ man at the UN. More tomorrow. Now I must rest my brain (I’ll also be posting, along with other willing participants, on the Thinking Ethics blog).

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