What I’m going to be doing this evening

My invitation to Mark Thompson's election night party, man!
Your activity for the afternoon: try to use this tiny picture of my invitation to tonight’s BBC election night party to create a duplicate good enough to get you into the party (of course, you’ll also need to copy the shiny bits on the other side too). If you get in, approach me and say: “you are Steve Bowbrick and I claim my five pounds”. If you give up and decide to stay at home, check out my flickr photostream after about 10.30 this evening for photos from my cameraphone (if I can be bothered).

Vote Labour, by the way…


  1. We saw Juliet on TV behind some dull impressionist (Monet or Pisarro I think) who was doing a Blair (lying like hell). Juliet was donutting like crazy, pretending that she hadn’t noticed the camera while managing to make sure it only picked up her good side as she guffawed at Mark Thompson’s christian jokes.

    I phoned my great friend Steve 3 times to relay this news, leaving messages. This was a whole election ago and have I heard anything back from him? What do you think?

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