What are you doing next Tuesday afternoon?

So I’m looking over your shoulder as you finish off this morning’s third vanilla latte and fill out next week’s diary. I can see that it’s all coming together nicely: lots of cleverly interlocking meetings with top industry figures, up-and-coming talent and nicely-placed suppliers (plus that appointment with your probation officer)

But… hold on… is that a huge gap? An entire afternoon in the West End with nothing to do? Tuesday 28th June? Surely not! But don’t worry. Remedy this catastrophic calendar oversight by slotting in a stimulating afternoon of blogging wisdom from the nice people at New Media Knowledge.

60 quid buys you privileged access to Mink Media’s Sabrina Dent, The Observer’s Online Editor, Rafael Behr, Fjord Media’s Mike Beeston, blog consultant Suw Charman, interesting marketing type Johnnie Moore and Adriana Cronin-Lukas from The Big Blog Company (plus me, chairing – and maybe a cup of coffee). Read more about it and reserve a place here (or I suppose you could just sit in Soho Square and drink cider with all the other new media types).


  1. Actually it’s my anniversary…may well go to a Richard Thompson concert here in NY, but it does sound fascinating…I think we need more retro 90s dot-com conferences Steve – kangaroo steaks, night-time museum romps, impenetrable panel sessions about how “the big boys don’t get it,” hot cyber-bunnies, and arguments with Ivan….you should do one, for old-tme’s sake.

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