Do yourself a favour – get a new phone

You’ve probably been looking for a nice new phone with a decent camera, bluetooth and all the other stuff. Here’s the kiddie: a brand new, boxed and sealed, unlocked Sony Ericsson K700i. What are you waiting for? Go on. Click.


  1. Hello, lunatic here. Just pleased that you’ve finally fixed your blog so I can read it on my Windows 98 machine.
    And if we’re friends again now, surely it’s time for another lunch (you know, the one where I pay for it?).

  2. £97.08
    Are you happy with that? Maybe you can buy me lunch? Or just answer my email so we can actually have lunch. Maybe we should invite Astrid as well – this sad little grouplet should stick together 😉

  3. That’s £32.36 a head – fairly reasonable. I’m sure I bought lunch last time I saw you Steve… fact I think I bought everybody’s lunch as it was Fabi’s birthday and Anna has never paid for anything as far as I can remember. Haven’t seen them for two years – can’t deal with it. Goodness she chose such bad godparents – that’s if you remember you actually are one!! x 🙂

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