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A page from the original 1963 Canon Canonet Cine 8 brochure
Listen you slippery media smartarse, you trendy, ipod-shuffling, probably-up-in Edinburgh for the TV Festival (“Easyjet? Don’t make me laugh. You get a proper breakfast on BA…”), doing a bit of development work for Living TV, got a bid in for some lottery money, your stupid blog’s on Richard & Judy and your paralysingly boring video diary will probably win a Golden Bear. Do me a favour. Don’t let me sell this very cool old 8mm cine camera for A QUID to someone called davidarsenal (11) who’s probably slurping a vanilla latte while listening to Joss Stone on the terrace even as I write…

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  1. Actually you don’t get any sort of breakfast on BA at the moment. Think GateGourmet (when the strike started I thought they were called GayGourmet for ages).

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