Tooth note

Oliver Bowbrick wrote this note to the tooth fairy, September 2005
You’re seven. You lose a tooth and then – uh oh – you lose that tooth. What do you do? Naturally, you write the tooth fairy an explanatory note…


  1. This is hilariously funny. It brightened my day.! Lots of Love Jade Evs xxx This is hilariously funny. It brightened my day.! Lots of Love Jade Evs xxx This is hilariously funny. It brightened my day.! Lots of Love Jade Evs xxx This is hilariously funny. It brightened my day.! Lots of Love Jade Evs xxx <3

  2. My daughter almost sussed it out. i fell asleep after putting her to bed and woke up at 6.30 remembered and then swapped the tooth and woke her up. unknown to me she had already woken up and checked her pillow to discover the tooth still there then she tried to go back to sleep. once i came to wake her up she then checked again and the money was there. she just gave me a funny look, and said Daaaad are you the toothfairy? of course not i replied, the fairy had a lot of teeth to collect and must of got there late. Phew! ha

  3. My mum admitted to being the tooth fairy, but what i don’t get is, how she has never woken me up, because my head always lies firmly on my pillow and the money is always smack, bang in the middle of the mattress. ??????????

  4. i dont even think that tooth fairy is ever exist…!!
    it is not because i never seen it before but……….????
    i really sure that it did not EXIST!!

    NOT E-X-I-S-T!!!!!

  5. this is so cute once my daughter was over her friends house and her friend just reasintly found out that rhe tooth fairy is not real by her mother,so my daughter’s friend told my daughter that the tooth fairy is not real so then my daughter comes home and said”mommy is the toth fairy real?”so i said as long as you belive and she said tell me the truth and i said no the tooth fairy is not real so then she started crying because me and my husband have ben lieing to her for 6 years so she cried all night until we hat to take her to the great escape ahhhhhhhhhh good times good times but now she is 16 with her boyfriend driving to the movies and going to work oh do i wish it was those days when she belived i the tooth gairy and belived in the easter bunny and santa clause ahhhhhhh it would be nice!

  6. when i was younger i lost a tooth. i checked under my pillow and nothing was there. i told my mom and she said it was ok. then she went into the garage and heard something fall. she ask me and my sister can one of u check upstairs i heard something fall. i went to check and nothing fell. i checked my pillow and underneath was money. i ran down stiars and told my mom and she couldnt say a work cause she was so shocked.

    another time i was at my great aunt and uncle’s house. i had to go to bed but i wasnt tired. the older people were out side partying. my great aunt looked throught the window and i closed my eyes pretending to be a sleep so i wouldnt get in trouble. she woke me up and asked were u asleep. i said no i was pretending. she then said she saw the tooth fairy. she was about two feet tall had curly golden hair a wand blue eyes and a shiny pink and white dress. she then winked at my great aunt and said shhhh and poof she disaperd. after that i looked under my pillow and there was the money.

  7. My tooth fell out but insded of putting it under my pillo I put it on the table because last time I lost a tooth she did not come to get it under the pillo so I put it on the table.
    So that night I put it again on the table.the next day the tooth was gone but there know money so I went in the living room and sat down but felt somethins cold on my foot so i looked under my foot and there was 1 pound I was realy shocked and put the pound on the remote and five mins later it was gone and I found I was sat on it.

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