Ancient practices

The Trafalgar bicentenary beacon at Tabard Rugby Club in Radlett, 21 October 2005
There’s something about a big fire in a big field. In Britain we retain an atavistic taste for making a pile of wood and setting light to it. On Friday night in Radlett the parish council lit just such a big fire and fifty or sixty people came along to watch it burn. We were marking Trafalgar Day but we were also, if you ask me, quietly honouring fire itself… Practically a Pagan rite (and comfortably inside the M25 too).

More pics of the big fire here.

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  1. Hmm. Scary. No actual fighting at this miniature fire festival, though. In fact we all just stared at the fire until it burnt down (and those threatened fire-fighters confirmed it was out), then we went home…

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