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Heather Peyton in the Shop Talk studio, 5 January 2006
Went to the Beeb to talk about Web 2.0 on Heather Peyton’s estimable Radio 4 business programme called Shop Talk. Four of us in the studio plus three other contributors in various parts of the world, including Joe Krauss, Excite founder and now the man behind Jotspot. The last time I saw Joe was at Belgo in Covent Garden in 94 or 95. I think he still owes me dinner.

Also in the studio was Graham Hobson whose PhotoBox picture sharing and printing service has a million customers and £5M in turnover. I’d never tried PhotoBox but I checked it out last night and it’s a thing of beauty. Emphasis on printing with dozens of options and a superb UI. The Java uploader works and works really fast (I uploaded three files, one of which was over 12Mb, and barely noticed the upload). Ordering a panoramic print was a piece of cake – and you can pay with Paypal. Hope the print’s nice.

(The show goes out Tuesday 10 January at 1600. Here’s an MP3 and here are some more pics).

Update: the print arrived less than 48 hours after my order (ordered late Thursday evening, arrived Saturday morning) and is absolutely lovely.

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  1. Have been using Photobox for prints through affiliate ICD (Internet Cameras Direct) for the last couple of years. I agree it’s great and the prints turn out good too – but I recommend ordering a few reference prints first – so that you can calibrate your monitor to their print output (just hold up a print alongside the same picture on the monitor and get it to match perfectly – then remember the monitor settings) – that way you’ll avoid disappointment with light and colour levels etc.

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