Breakfast with Mike Butcher and some reading

This morning, at his very congenial Breakfast Bites event in D’Arblay Street, Mike Butcher introduced me to a friendly gang of new media types as ‘the grande dame of the UK web’. I’m not entirely sure how I should take this, since the image it produces is a bit too Dick Emery for my liking. Anyway, it was a genuinely interesting event and I learnt a lot from people like Luke “Blog Friends” Razzell, Lloyd “Perfect Path” Davis, Helen “Beepmarketing” Keegan, Alastair “MRM” Duncan and David “Alchemi” Jennings. Other interesting people were present: I just didn’t talk to them!

Been meaning to link to this lovely piece about Biotech by Freeman Dyson for a while. Fascinating to note that Dyson’s clever daughter Esther is one of the handful of super-successful people who’ve volunteered to publish their conveniently-sequenced genomes for startup 23AndMe. Juliet directed me to this fascinating piece from The Observer about the fate of feted Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. This feature about the US bottled water market from Fast Company is a real eye-opener – and there’s a really nifty timeline too

P.S. Let it be know that it was at Mike’s breakfast that I coined the phrase ‘social dialtone’ to describe our raised expectations of the social netoworks. Context: yesterday’s Facebook outage.

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