Misfit at Number 10

I’m sticking grimly with my image of Gordon Brown as Machiavellian hardman here. Although I suppose a week of political cock-ups: the disastrously managed Iraq announcement, the entirely unnecessary will-he-won’t-he election palaver and Cameron’s sure-footed conference performance ought to have me worried. I mean maybe he’s just a big, stupid Scotsman. A squinty, pudgy oddball. Oh God.

Speaking of oddballs, Marina Hyde’s got a terrific piece in yesterday’s Guardian. Her scarily persuasive premise is that career politicians are all oddballs. She provides lots of evidence that, contrary to the prevailing orthodoxy, successful politicians aren’t masters of the universe but rather laughable misfits.


  1. Getting his teeth done and smiling synthetically on breakfast television is precisely why I need to see GB do some sure footed work before I can relax.

    The diminished spin, has in the main been welcome.

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